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Attack & Defense

I'd like to attack, but I have no army ...

How weird... usually when you read this part, you already grew an army. No worries, go to the Queen page and lay all that you wish.
Watch out! Once the army is laid, you'll have to feed it. Feeding cost may vary according to the place where you put your ants.
In the nest : 15% of fabrication cost everyday.
In the dome : 10% of fabrication cost everyday.
In the hunting field and outside (war, hunt, etc) : 5% of fabrication cost everyday.
This cost is spread throughout the day, if you do not have food, you will lose 0.5% of your army every half hour.

My army is a bit small, I'm just gonna defend myself...

Piece of cake! To defend, just wait for people to attack you! You can provoke other people if you're in a hurry.
You still have to anticipate placing your army at the best place without making it easy for enemies.
HF : No bonus
Anthill : +10% (+ improvements) of life
Nest : +30% (+ improvements) of life

All right, I've got a huge ... army. There we go!

To prevent unfair wars, you can only attack an anthill with a similar HF size (from 50% up to 300 % of your HF size)
Lucky you, enemies you can attack are already sorted out on this page: Ennemis! People from your alliance are highlighted in green, your enemies in red, and your allies in blue.
When you chose your victim, tick the box next to his name
Then choose where the attack will go to : his HF, his Anthill, or his Nest
Take care; if you choose to attack the Anthill, you will also attack the HF. The same for the Nest : you'll attack the HF, then the Anthill, and then the Nest. If your army dies in the Nest, you get nothing!

What's the difference ?

HF : striker and defender are on equal foot. If you win, you'll take up to 20% of enemy's HF (1cm2 maximum per ant).
Anthill : The defender has a 10% bonus (+ improvements). If you win, you'll take a percentage of his food and materials (and the 20% of the HF). What you take is : 30% of the stock + 1% per level of aphid room, within a limit of 1 resource (food or material) per attack point of the surviving army.
Nest : the defender has a 30% defense bonus (+ improvements). If you win, you colonize this anthill. A colony must give you a part of the resources it earns.
Pour en savoir plus sur les colonie, cliquez ICI.

Can I call back my army if it is on its way to attack ?

Yes, but only during the first 2 minutes after the departure.

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