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General Stuff

I'm playing on the same computer as my brother, should I declare something ?

Yes, multi account hunting is the most popular sport for moderators, and they're likely to cancel the accounts without warning for cheating ...
If several people are playing on the same Internet connection, they have to declare it ASAP to a moderator (message in-game).
Interactions are forbidden (attacks, convoys, etc.). If you have any question, feel free to ask a moderator.

If I'm going to go to war with a player who has a paying account, what are my chances of winning?

Same chances as a regular war. We're brainstorming to make Option + pleasant and enjoyable, but not to unbalance the game.

If I'm going on holidays, will the attacks in progress be cancelled?

No. Any attacks which are launched before you go on holidays will proceed.

What happens if I can't store all the resources which I've been sent ?

All that doesn't fit is lost.

How can I scout an enemy ?

Scouting means you send a few military units to your enemy to know what his army looks like. With this information, you can build up a strategy ...
Take care, some players consider a scout as a declaration of war...

I'd like my friends to discover Antzzz...

Very good idea!
Give your godfathering link. It is located in the Godfathering page. With that, you'll earn 10% of his resources without prejudicing him!

I get up early and when I come on Antzzz there's some delay...

It's normal, the server is having a rest from 5 to 6 am, and does no calculation. A bit of patience...

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