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It's always good to know how a fight works, whether you fight ants or spiders...

So, how does it work ?

Attack and defense are calculated at the same time.
Attack damages correspond to : ants number x (attack points + weapon bonus)
Defense damages correspond to : ants number x (defense points + weapon bonus)

Nothin else to know ?

Actually there is... There's an advantage for outnumbering your opponent.
If the assailant kills all defenders (or predators) in one shot, and if he does more damage than 50% of the minimum to kill all defenders, the defense only replies with 50% of his strength.
If the assailant does twice the damage required, the defender only replies with 30% of his strength.
If it does three times (or more) the damage required, then the defender only replies to 10% of his strength.

What's that number in brackets that I can see on the Fight Report ?

On the report you see the damages you normally do, then your bonus is shown into brackets.

In what order do the ants die ?

Easy : the weakest die first. The order is the same as the order on the Queen page.

Do my ants progress ?

Ants can improve in their own class. For example, a soldier can become a top soldier.
This experience can come from any fight (hunting or attacking), and will be proportional to the difficulty of the fight.

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