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First Day

What's the aim of the game ?

One year ago, an ant princess has lived up to her successful love season...
She ate her own wings, laid her first eggs, and then she shut up herself in her nest to lay peacefully. From that time, her eggs have grown and five workers are at her side.

Now it's you who runs her anthill. What will you do...
- Develop the nest peacefully and live in peace?
- Search out fights and proclaim war against all nonstop?
Anyways, you will not be alone!

Got it. I run the anthill... How should I start?

The small frame at the top of the screen tells you the following:
- 4 800 workers
- 29 000 food and 19 000 materials
- Hunting field of 11 000 cm? Terrain
- 3 posts

Workers collect food and materials that allow to :
- Pondre de nouvelles fourmis ouvri?res et combattantes.
- Construct buildings
- Develop new skills in the laboratory.

So, I should send my workers to harvest ?

Let's start by sending your first 5 workers to work.
You'll see. It's really simple.

Open the Crops page (after you click on Anthill) .
In the box <<food Workers harvesting food >> type 5 and click on Confirm.

That's it ! Workers are going to collect food !

How does it work ?

Every half an hour each worker will come home with 1 food.
Once done, you'll have 5 food more.

And there we go again! Workers collect the food and bring it back. It works on its own; even though you're not connected!

5 food is a good start, but what if I want moree?

Just ask your queen to lay new workers ... on Queen page.

Since the beginning, you have 100food and worker costs 5food
How many workers will you lay???
... ... ...
You can type 20 in the box, then click on

After 20 minutes, all the workers are ready to work, you can send them to work!

One worker

You made enough for now, you can have a rest or peacefully visit the website... On their side, workers are going to work hard, and you'll have plenty of resources soon.

Pour la suite, tout est expliqué sur "Deuxième Jour".

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